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What Is The Process Behind Automatic Doors Work?

December 13, 2022

Now, you're getting ready to go to the supermarket. A plethora of grocery bags overflows your hands. As you approach the door, you are overwhelmed. With your hands full What do you think you'll need to get it opened? You're contemplating putting a few bags down on the floor. And then, like some magic, the doors swing open with the sound of a "Swoosh!"
The door automatically opens when the door controller is activated by the gear motor that drives the pulley and belt after receiving a signal of activation coming from the detector. After a set duration, the door starts to close if there is no one is observed within the area of activation.

Automatic Door Types

A device made of electromechanical components that open doors to pedestrians is referred to as an automated sliding door operator an automatic swing-door operator or an automatic door opener. The door opens in a sequence but remains open until it closes.
Large retail establishments are able to utilize sliding doors for the exterior of their doors. (although the majority would prefer doors with swings, smaller establishments have sliding doors) it's all it's a matter of preference or practicality.
While bi-folding doors for revolving are usually located in hotels and banks by Automatic Gate Repair in Los Angeles there is a range of automated doors available in schools, buildings Universities, colleges, doctors' offices, pharmacies, and many more on high-end areas like the High Street.

There are a variety of methods for opening an automatic door, for example:

As soon as a person walks through to the entrance, they can open due to a sensor that detects the user's approach (like the radar sensor).
Push button when a user presses an icon and the door is opened.
Access control: If the user presses an appropriate button of a remote control, or fob to turn on an electronic code reader or swipe reader, the entrance will open. When the user is given the right to enter the door, it closes it and closes after a certain duration (typically determined in the installation).


How Are Doors Controlled By Automated Technology?

Sensors are required for doors that are automatic so that they will know when they need they should open. The door's operating mechanism is notified by the sensor whenever it detects an indication. The mechanism will open the door upon receiving the signal.
Some of the three popular types of door sensors for automatic doors are:

  • Pressure gauges
  • Motion detection and optical sensors
  • An access control system

How Do Sensors Work To Unlock The Door?

Door opening mechanisms get an alarm from the sensor when it determines that someone has to access the building. The type of door you have an electric motor drives the mechanism for opening doors and allows the door to open.

Automatic Door Types Include:

Automated sliding doors can be installed with rollers and tracks or suspended over tracks that are overhead, which makes them ideal for dual-directional traffic.
Automatic swinging doors swing both ways which make them ideal for single-way traffic.

Sensors for security

In the majority of modern automated Gate Installation, the gate will be opened if it is closed into the obstruction (auto-reverse). To ensure that the door does not come in contact with pedestrians who are using the door, most automated doors come with sensors.

  • A light beam passing through the opening acts as the most basic sensor.
  • This door is opened because of a blockage within the opening of the door which breaks the beam.
  • Radar, passive and active infrared sensors are utilized in modern automated doorways (Doppler radar).
  • Pressure mats that allow doors to open when the user is standing on them.
  • A door opener
  • A door operator that is automated is a set of controlling and driving mechanisms to open and close doors. It is comprised of components such as the door controller as well as the gear motor.

A 2Nd Maintenance Switch

In the event of maintenance to the door, it is easy to switch off and on the power supply to an operator for the door.

Sensor That Triggers

The door operator gets a signal from the activation sensor that can be used to trigger the doors' closures as well as openings.

Security Sensor

Beam sensors, which are a kind that is a safety sensor, detect objects or persons in the door tracks that activation sensors will not see them.


In between the ceiling, and head There is glass or another material for mounting.


The header box is home to an operator for doors.

Sliding Door panel, Number

Materials like stainless steel glass that is tempered and aluminum are commonly used.

Static Door Panel

Door panel that's not sliding